Welcome to MyStrokeRisk! I am a physician in Long Beach, California. Some of the saddest cases I see in the hospital are patients who have no idea of the risk factors for stroke. I see them after the stroke when they are suffering from the often permanent after-effects: unable to move or speak properly. MyStrokeRisk is the simplest stroke assessment tool on the market.

I developed MyStrokeRisk as a simplified STROKE risk calculator. It uses the presence of risk factors to predict the chance of a person having a stroke. Doctors are able to calculate your risk of having a stroke. You should also have the ability to do so.

Find out your Stroke Risk today! Use the app on yourself, your parents and grandparents who have more risk factors as they age. Change the risk factors that you can, get treated for those risk factors that you can't change with the help of your doctor. Stroke and heart attack have common risk factors and an elevated stroke risk carries with it an elevated heart attack risk.

MyStrokeRisk is based on data from existing Framingham Study stroke risk assessment tools readily available on the internet and medical literature. It uses the following risk factors to calculate stroke risk: age, gender, hyperlipidemia/dyslipidemia/high cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, atrial fibrillation, coronary artery disease, and tobacco use. As patients commonly do not have current HDL, total cholesterol laboratory values readily available for use in health risk calculators, a prior diagnosis of "high cholesterol" is used as part of the definition of metabolic syndrome. If you found MyStrokeRisk helpful please like us on Facebook!




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