Mystic Maggie Narrated Story

【免費書籍App】Mystic Maggie Narrated Story-APP點子

Mystic Maggie and the Road to Ruin is a children's "read to me" interactive story. Maggie takes on the Grand Witch Nimble Merry with the help of her opera singing cat, a flatulent hound, and a mouthy crow.


* Fully illustrated with narration

* Sound effects

【免費書籍App】Mystic Maggie Narrated Story-APP點子

* Interactive vocabulary

* Quiz

* 40 pages long

Recommended for those Elementary Age and up.

Mystic Maggie and the Road to Ruin has received recognition by parenting groups and teacher groups. The story has made their top lists ranked along with Sesame Street and Dr. Seuss. Links to sources:



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