NAVIGON guide by Drei

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

NAVIGON Guide provides Drei Austria customers selected functions, including maps for Austria of the market leader HERE. With sophisticated pedestrian navigation you can walk comfortably and safely to your destination.

Make sure also of the many useful features that the AutoNavi Premium package offers. Try it out for yourself, because from the first use of the app, you can test the package for 7 days free of charge in its entirety!

With the following additional functions and packages that you can easily purchase via in-app, customize the app to your needs:

Car Navi Package:

+ 2D Vehicle Navigation

+ HERE maps of Austria

+ POI on the map

+ Extended Destination Information

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

+ Traffic Check: Get already before departure information on the current traffic conditions in your area

+ Reality View Light

+ Precise voice announcements

+ Automatic day / night mode, the map display

+ Clever Parking

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

+ Weather Live

+ Bluetooth support (Android 2.2)

+ Extended Pedestrian Navigation

+ Local Search

Car Navi Premium Package:

All functions of car navigation package to expand:

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

+ Europe Maps 44

+ 3D Navigation (bird view)

+ Reality View Pro - Photo-realistic preview of motorway junctions

+ NAVIGON MyRoutes - display multiple routes including an estimate of the travel time to choose

+ Text-to-Speech - Spoken street names

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

+ Speed ​​Assistant - displays the speed limit and warns in case of need

+ Lane Assistant Pro - helps correct filing before reaching a junction

+ Active Lane Assistant (Android 2.2) - animated lane guidance based on the current speed

+ Radar Info (permanently installed equipment)

Google Street View (where available)

Upgrade package

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

With the upgrade package you as a user of the car navigation package. Always have the possibility to extend the application to all the extra features of the Premium package

Traffic Live Package

+ Supplied regularly and in real time with the latest traffic information

NAVIGON cockpit

+ Offers a wealth of statistics and information for your driving behavior, which are also displayed on the screen


+ Through time payment you will receive at least two years, every three months, the latest maps from the experts. These include EU 44 maps.

Panorama View 3D

+ Shows you the landscape not as a flat image, but in three dimensions with mountains and valleys for even better orientation.

By on-board navigation there are no data charges or roaming charges, for example Route calculation and map display.


- NAVIGON guide by Drei can be only be used by Drei Austria customers with an according SIM card

【免費旅遊App】NAVIGON guide by Drei-APP點子

- For first time users: This software requires more data (maps, etc.) which must be loaded via WLAN.

- When using Live services such as Traffic Live will need a data connection may apply for according to your mobile contract fees.

- It requires about 1GB of free space. Please ensure that sufficient storage (SD card) is available.

- Samsung users: please only download maps via WLAN!

During the first use of NAVIGON guide by Drei registers your software. This happens automatically and requires a small amount of data from ca.25kB. Depending on your wireless service plan fees may apply.

The proper positioning of your smartphone in the vehicle for optimum GPS reception is very important!

GARMIN hopes you enjoy navigating!

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