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NB Navigation converts your mobile phone into a full featured GPS-Device.

NB Navigation is specially designed for outdoor-activities like mountaineering, hiking, trekking or seeking GeoCaches, but it doesn't help you in navigating with your car. It supports several coordinates systems as WGS84, Swissgrid CH-1903, UTM and MGRS. The distances can be displayed in feet, miles, meters, kilometers or nautical miles.

You can record your track either manually or in automatic mode.

【免費旅遊App】NB Navigation-APP點子

Points and tracks can be displayed in the bing map on your phone, as well as your actual position.

NB Navigation supports internal file format as well as standard GPX Tracks. The files can be up-/downloaded to/from your personal SkyDrive account. Thus you can easily transfer tracks downloaded from the internet.

【免費旅遊App】NB Navigation-APP點子

NB Navigation is available in english, german and french.

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