NFC Status Widget

【免費工具App】NFC Status Widget-APP點子

NOTE: You cannot switch NFC on/off with this widget!

【免費工具App】NFC Status Widget-APP點子

From Android 2.3.5 this can do only system apps.

This is simple widget-only app for your home screen which shows current status of NFC (Near Field Communication).

App is visible in widgets list only. It does not require any permissions.

【免費工具App】NFC Status Widget-APP點子

It shows state of NFC adapter (on/off/changing state/not present).

【免費工具App】NFC Status Widget-APP點子

Size of the widget is 1x1.

【免費工具App】NFC Status Widget-APP點子

On click opens a NFC settings where you can switch NFC on/off.

Adding widget to home screen: long-press on empty space on your home screen, select Widgets and then select NFC Status. Widget should appear on home screen.

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