NFC vCard Editor

【免費商業App】NFC vCard Editor-APP點子

The NFC Contact Editor is a free and an easy to use program which help you to edit and modify the vCard content of your NFC C4B business card and CTC-Contact-transferring case. The C4B cards&cases are compatible with every NFC certified mobile devices.


【免費商業App】NFC vCard Editor-APP點子

Compatible with the NFC Forum Type 1 tags

It is easy to use without any programmer knowledge

【免費商業App】NFC vCard Editor-APP點子

It is safe; you can use it without internet connection, moreover, it does not require access to the mobile phone contact data base.

vCard: 2.1 & 3.0 - vCard is a file format standard for electronic business cards

【免費商業App】NFC vCard Editor-APP點子

UTF-8 character set

【免費商業App】NFC vCard Editor-APP點子

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