NQ Easy Battery Saver FREE

【免費工具App】NQ Easy Battery Saver FREE-APP點子

NQ Easy Battery Saver – The most creative Free Optimizer for Android!

Save your phone's battery and boost its speed to optimize performance with Easy Battery Saver!

NQ Easy Battery Saver is a useful optimization app which helps you to speed up your mobile phone and extend battery life!

Download for FREE now to improve your phone’s performance!



☆Smart Assistant: [NEW]

【免費工具App】NQ Easy Battery Saver FREE-APP點子

- Smart Assistant, the innovative design of Easy Battery Saver, will be staying on the side of your screen and always ready to boost your phone!

- You can touch the Smart Assistant to open main dashboard or drag it to the preset place on screen to launch boosting process. It’s funny like playing game!

☆Quick Settings☆[NEW]

√ For easy management of frequently used elements, 12 control buttons are added on main dashboard of Easy Battery Saver, which allows one-tap access to turn on/off or adjust Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, mobile data, screen timeout and screen brightness, etc..

☆Battery Usage Monitor☆[NEW]

√ Reports on current battery level.

【免費工具App】NQ Easy Battery Saver FREE-APP點子

√ Calculate in real-time remaining battery usage time.

√ Save power with just one touch!

☆Optimization Tool☆[NEW]

√Easy Battery Saver keeps an eye on all running apps, and shows you the memory usage of each app.

√Easy Battery Saver optimizes your phone by killing running background processes, you can lock apps that you don’t want to kill.

【免費工具App】NQ Easy Battery Saver FREE-APP點子


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**Please note that installing the following apps such as: Juice Defender, Battery Booster, RAM Booster & Battery Power Booster together with Android Booster may make your phone unstable or cause potential conflict.**

【免費工具App】NQ Easy Battery Saver FREE-APP點子

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