NXT Field Control

【免費工具App】NXT Field Control-APP點子

Allows you to control the NXT brick similarly to Samantha Field Control on a computer. Instead, the Android device is the controller. This app is intended for use with FTC robots.


• Uses Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (w/Samantha) to connect to NXT

• Almost full on-screen FTC-like controller capabilities

• External (USB) controller capabilities (you may be able to use Bluetooth as well)

【免費工具App】NXT Field Control-APP點子

• Remembers autonomous and tele-op program names to start for you

• Record controller for playback later (experimental)

• Customizable background color (You can use http://www.colorpicker.com/ or a similar tool to generate the color codes)

Recording Feature:

• In order to play back from the NXT you will need these (RobotC):

 - http://www.ftc4296.com/downloads/NXTFC-Playback.h

 - http://www.ftc4296.com/downloads/playbacktest.c

Notice: There might be some problems with using Wi-Fi to get/set the tele-op program. It will get or set it, but the Samantha then disconnects. This problem is being looked into. The normal driving/controlling capabilities of the app will work over Wi-Fi. Starting and stopping the program automatically still works as well.

Controller icon made by Icons8 from http://www.flaticon.com

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