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The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Handbook application (app) hopes to aid the availability of the National Youth Service Corps Handbook. The project's focus is to ensure that prospective/currently serving NYSC Corps members and Nigerians in general have a working knowledge of the overall NYSC Scheme. This will also encourage the development of other booklets such as the NYSC bye-laws and many others, into Mobile APPS for easy accessibility.

Note: The text in this app is extracted from NYSC Handbook revised in 1999.

This is a free app that is supported by banner ads.

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

Also, you can bookmark your favorite sections, play/learn the NYSC anthem easily, etc.

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【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子


*Map of Nigeria showing the 36 States

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*Amorial bearing and National Pledge

*National Flag

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*National Anthem

*NYSC Anthem

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

(with audio)

*Background to the NYSC Scheme

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*Objective of the Scheme

*Operation of the Scheme

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*Eligibility for National Service

*Deferment Deployment Policy

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*Corps Year Programme

*Mobilization of foreign trained Nigerian Graduates into or *Exemption and Clearance from Service

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*Addresses of National Directorate Headquarters and State Secretariats

*A search tool

【免費教育App】NYSC Handbook-APP點子

*A 'favorites' feature to help you organize info in your own categories and lists.

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