Nail Polish Cataloger

【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子

The Nail Polish Cataloger is a personal database (stored locally) to keep a record of all the nail polishes in your collection. In this full version you can store a virtually unlimited* number of polishes in your catalog.

Please download the free demo version to test the app first!

Polishes can be stored with the following data:


【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子

-Main Color

-Secondary Color

【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子



【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子

-Finish Type

-Special Effect Type

【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子



【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子

-Owned or Wanted or Empty


【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子

-An Image from your device's Gallery

Search your catalog for specific brands, colors, finishes, and more! Export your catalog as a text file as a backup or to move it to another device for later import.

Keep track of your entire collection for later reference at the store or search for the perfect polish to suit your mood.

Have questions, comments, or suggestions? Contact us at

*The number of polish you can store in the Nail Polish Cataloger is limited by your device's available memory.

【免費工具App】Nail Polish Cataloger-APP點子

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