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Nail The Deal offers fantastic deals for stuff to do in and around Dubai. Download the Nail The Deal app and start making mega savings on almost everything - eating out, salon visits, spa, weekend recreation and even fashion.

Deals from the website are automatically updated on the app and you can purchase the deal directly from the app with just a few taps.

Here is what you can do on the Nail The Deal app:

1) Surf from hundreds of deals available in and around Dubai

【免費購物App】Nail The Deal-APP點子

2) Buy deals directly from the mobile app

Here is a small glimpse of the savings you can make with Nail The Deal:

1) Indulge your senses with a relaxing spa treatment or Moroccan bath at an awesome price

【免費購物App】Nail The Deal-APP點子

2) Plan for a fun overnight stay with your family with our Holiday's section

3) Confused about what to do this weekend? Do something different: opt for a traditional Dhow Cruise, or pump your adrenaline levels with an awesome deal on desert safari. With Nail The Deal, there is never a shortage of options

【免費購物App】Nail The Deal-APP點子

4) Get fantastic jewelry at fantastic prices at our jewelry section

and much more..

Download the app now to explore what Dubai has to offer!

【免費購物App】Nail The Deal-APP點子

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