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Naira Career is a leading Job, Scholarship and Career blog in Nigeria that updates users daily with list of companies that are currently recruiting.

We also dish out top-notch tips for making better CV(s) as well as publish news, latest jobs, University admission list & requirements, events, examination, scholarship and regular articles.

>>>>>App Features:>>>>>

●Update Notification

●Automatic post Update

【免費新聞App】Naira Career-APP點子

●Ability to configure app base on personal preferences

●Easily mark any post as favorite

【免費新聞App】Naira Career-APP點子

●Build-in HTML 5 support for web and articles

●Sliding left menu with grouping

【免費新聞App】Naira Career-APP點子

●Ability to share post directly from the app

●In-App Podcast streaming

【免費新聞App】Naira Career-APP點子

●In-App Image Viewer

●Integrated YouTube with in-app YouTube Player

【免費新聞App】Naira Career-APP點子

●Ability to choose between light and dark themes

>>>>>And Many More Features>>>>>>>

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