Name That Color!

【免費益智App】Name That Color!-APP點子

Pick the right color, but it's not as easy as it looks!

Questions alternate between naming the visual color you see, and naming the written color you read!

Are you able to stay focused and pick the correct one?

You have to pick out of three possible answers, which might be written in another color as what you are reading ;-)

There are 3 different Free Game Types:

【免費益智App】Name That Color!-APP點子

1. EASY: Only the easy colors! Lasts 50 Questions.

2. NORMAL: Increasing difficulty while you play! Lasts 50 Questions.

【免費益智App】Name That Color!-APP點子

3. INSANE: No mistakes allowed, but runs forever! How far can you get?

A great game to learn more color names like Cyan, Turquoise, Melon and Vermilion!

Can you beat your friends in this free game? Name That Color Now!

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【免費益智App】Name That Color!-APP點子

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【免費益智App】Name That Color!-APP點子

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