NanoPond (Demo)

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This is NanoPond, an artificial life simulator for Android.

NanoPond runs a virtual machine in which 'life' can develop. This virtual machine is a port of a java program by Thomas Abeel, who in turn based his virtual machine on the c code of Adam Ierymenko. NanoPond was used in a Computational Intelligence course at the university of Ghent.

The virtual machine is complete an is adapted to be multi threaded. It can run concurrently on multiple cores. The graphical display of the nanopond world is complete and will run in its own thread.

This program is released under the GNU Public License Version 3.

【免費教育App】NanoPond (Demo)-APP點子

The programs on which it is based where released under the GPL 2.

You can support continued development by buying the paid version.

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