Napoleon in Egypt

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This 1 hour and 15 minute short course shares the exciting story of Napoleon's expedition to Egypt beginning in 1798. There are 8 lectures, beginning with the background of Napoleon and his idea to invade Egypt in an attempt to hurt British interests, and to bolster his image in France.

The course will focus upon Napoleon and his troops, the many scholars he brought with him, the British Admiral Horatio Nelson (in search for Napoleon's fleet), and the Mameluke overlords in Egypt.


✔ Introduction and the Expedition to Egypt

【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

✔ The Clash of Two Civilizations

【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

✔ A Love Story!

【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

✔ The Battle of the Nile

【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

✔ The French Scholars

【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

✔ The Syrian Campaign

【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

✔ The Final Collapse of the Expedition


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【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

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【免費教育App】Napoleon in Egypt-APP點子

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"History is one of my favorite topics but I don't have so much time so this is a very practical way to learn and have a good idea of these issues. The class covers the most important facts of that period of time and also let you know a more intimate side of the characters... Excellent free course. Thanks from Mexico."

-(Ulises Del Rosal) ★★★★★

"Well done and very interesting. The instructor is awesome, so I will take all his courses."

-(Cheryl Baghernejad) ★★★★★

Instructed By : Dr. Gerald Franz | Professor of history

Dr. Franz has been teaching history for 28 years in various colleges, and sometimes to high school students. He has written a number of historical dramas for his history students, and after one season's performance, he received a letter of commendation from former president George Bush, Sr. for making history alive to students today.

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