Nature Sounds & White Noise

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SoundMask - The sound masking and color generator for working and relaxing.

High-Quality sounds to help you focus while working, relieve anxiety or to just help you relax while reading or before going to sleep.

SoundMask iOS version is already being used by coders, programmers, bloggers, writers, students and translators during work or by teachers during creative writing classes. It’s also being used to help with hear damage recovery.


★★★★★ by Kamranh Fallahpour, Ph.D, Clinical Psychologist/Neuroscientist, Brain Resource Center, NY

"Finally, a scientific and neurologically sound sleep aid that is easy to use and all natural with no side effects"

★★★★★ by Maria Horowitz, Ph.D, Neuroscientist and NASA Funded Sleep Researcher

【免費健康App】Nature Sounds & White Noise-APP點子

"Sleep is not simple unconsciousness. It is an extraordinarily complex and critical brain-controlled behavior that is harnessed by SoundMask”

★★★★★ by Mother

“Tried the program for the first time tonight on my daughter who has a really difficult time falling asleep at night (upwards of 2 hours without a sleep aid)....I am beyond words in my took less than 20 minutes for her to be 'knocked out'!!"

★★★★★ by Health Magazine

"The quality of sound is excellent and the audio sounds realistic. Tracks are deep, rich and natural. I’m literally getting sleepy while typing this because I am listening to the thunderstorm while writing.”

★★★★★ by CNN

"Very well designed; clean, simple, efficient, and visually appealing. A great way to help focus the mind as background noise with high quality sounds and adjustable volume to create the unique sound you want. I highly recommend. Worth every penny!”

★★★★★ by Angeldust777

“I have been suffering from depression & also insomnia for some years, and this app helps immeasurably. Buy this app! You won't be disappointed.”

★★★★★ by Hurbenski

“Use this daily, has been a lifesaver. Really does take the everyday stresses away. Highly recommend!”

【免費健康App】Nature Sounds & White Noise-APP點子


♬ River ♬ Ocean ♬ Winds ♬ Flute ♬ Rain ♬ Birds ♬ Music Box ♬ Deep sleep ♬ Deep Relaxation ♬ Orchestral ♬ Waterfall ♬ Thunder ♬ Zen ♬ Campfire ♬ Melody ♬ Night ♬ White Noise ♬ Urban Rain ♬ Cavern ♬ Wind Chimes ♬ Storm ♬ Brainwave ♬ Slow Waves ♬ Heavy Rain ♬ Rainy Day ♬ Noisli ♬ Rainstorm ♬ Underwater ♬ Forest ♬ Seaside ♬ White Noise ♬ Pink Noise ♬ Duduk ♬ Humming ♬ Grandfather Clock ♬ Cat Purring ♬ Frogs ♬ Thunder Storm ♬ City Ambiance ♬ Memory Boost ♬ Sleep Pillow ♬ Power nap ♬ Stress Reduction ♬ Anger Relief ♬ Headache Relief ♬ Reading Boost ♬ Confidence Boost ♬ Creativity Boost ♬ Lullaby ♬


The SoundMask app lets you play all of the sounds offline and therefore you can enjoy its features and benefits while travelling, commuting or any other activity with no need for an internet connection.


Play and Mix the Sounds together and find your own Favourite Presets - Save and Replay them whenever you like.

☆ ☆ ☆ BUILT-IN TIMER ☆ ☆ ☆

Use the built-in timer function during work, study or creativity sessions or simply for taking a relaxed nap or while falling asleep.


You can enjoy the wonderful sounds also while using other apps or while surfing the web.

★ Dear customers, we are here for you!

【免費健康App】Nature Sounds & White Noise-APP點子

【免費健康App】Nature Sounds & White Noise-APP點子

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