NavCam is a navigation app that stealthily records video while you are driving. For practical reasons, safety, and fun. Never miss a moment!

Imagine you are driving along with your smartphone phone mounted to your dash using the navigation. It’s a sunny day out, clear blue skies, and nothing but empty road ahead of you. Suddenly, you see a UFO in the sky just hovering above the freeway, in typical fashion with blinking lights and all. It takes you a few seconds to realize what you are seeing, and you quickly try and change your settings to get to your camera app. You press home, then hunt for your camera app and launch it. But by the time your camera is ready and focuses, the UFO has disappeared. You know what you saw. But no one will believe what you saw. Without any evidence, you’re just as crazy as uncle Ted, talking about alien abductions and UFOs and being best friends with Bigfoot and what it was like dating a mermaid.


You wish you had a dashcam or car cam like the police or like everyone in Russia seems to have, but you don’t want to buy yet another device to mount to your car.

That time has come!


With NavCam app you will be able to navigate the unknown roads and be confident that you’ll never miss an interesting moment. With our looping video recording,, even if you saw something interesting over a minute ago, you can still see the clip in the phone and save it to our free cloud services and view online. This will ensure that your local storage doesn’t get eaten up by driving videos. Bonus, if you did see a UFO or a celebrity or a meteor shower, you can share the videos easily with your friends.

Our unique shake/collision detection also ensures that if you get into a car accident, NavCam app will automatically save that clip, so you have a video leading up to and during the accident.


Unlike other dashcam apps that are available, you don’t sacrifice one functionality for another. Why not both!?

In the Paid Version we support uploading videos to

a) Youtube Channel Of the User (User must have a Youtube Channel)

b) Dropbox Account Of the User


c) Navcam Account, in this case your videos can be viewed by all Navcam Users or by others too.

Recording videos of length 20 s, 30 s, 60 s, 5 min, 10 min,unlimited length and custom videos limited only by the SDCard space (Long press on Red Car). User can click anytime on the red car to save a video immediately.

What's new in version 1.03

a) Added waze support

What's new in 1.02


a) Auto focus when recording

What's new in version 1.01

a) Ability to save videos locally

b) Ability to change orientation of recorded videos

c) Ability to delete uploaded or saved videos


d) Improvements to video upload functionality

**This is a Samsung Galaxy series optimised app (Android 4+).You can download the free version here,***


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