Navy Federal Prepaid

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

Now You Can Manage Your Navy Federal Visa Buxx and GO Prepaid Card(s) On the Go!

The new GO Prepaid card from Navy Federal was designed with you and your financial independence in mind. Perfect for budgeting, travel, online purchases and more! The GO Prepaid card is reloadable, and your purchases will be deducted from the card balance just like a traditional debit card. Convenient money management is now just a tap away! Don't have a Navy Federal GO Prepaid card? Just enroll today at

The Navy Federal Visa® Buxx Card is a reloadable prepaid card that gives students a secure and convenient way to pay for everything in their world! And now it’s even more convenient, by allowing parents and students to stay up to speed on their accounts anywhere, or anytime. View your card balances, transaction history, and more on the go! Don't have a Navy Federal Visa Buxx Card? Parents, just enroll your student(s) today at

To use the app, you need a Navy Federal GO Prepaid or Visa Buxx card. Just download the app and register!

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

Navy Federal Prepaid Features:

• View current balance updates in real time

• View two years of transaction history

• Share purchases on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram

• Find the nearest Navy Federal branch and ATMs in the Navy Federal Network or PLUS ATMs

• Load cash onto your card by finding the nearest merchant that offers the Visa Readylink service

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

Unique GO Prepaid Features:

• Companion Cardholders can request additional funds either by text, email or in-app notification

• Primary Cardholders can easily reload money by using the “Reload Funds” function

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

Unique Buxx Features:

• Students can request money from their parents by using the "Request Funds” function

• Parents can easily reload money by using the "Send Funds" function

• Track and manage all your student accounts

Signing into the Navy Federal Prepaid app is easy. Click on the app, tap Add a Card, type in your Buxx/GO Prepaid Card Number, specify your Nickname, then create a password. You’re done!

If you are experiencing any issues with the application please call either 1-855-477-1138 (GO Prepaid) or 1-866-304-1909 (Visa Buxx) to speak to one of our representatives.

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

【免費財經App】Navy Federal Prepaid-APP點子

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