NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

The Trial version is fully functional for a 30-day period in order to allow you to try all of the features available in the Pro version.

Nead Money is the first and only native Android application that encompasses all FreshBooks Cloud Accounting features. The Estimates, Payments, Clients, Expenses, Time Tracking, Projects, Tasks, and Items modules are fully integrated, providing real-time access from any Android device. Creating new invoicing is also now available!

Note: Requires a FreshBooks account.

Version 4.6:

1) Newly added reports! (Accounts Aging in Dashboard)

2) Redesigned Dashboard for Tablets

3) Updated support for multiple currency codes

4) Fixed various bugs

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

Version 4.5:

1) New Time Entry Calendar View!

2) Added Copy Invoice to Invoice Quick Actions

3) Added List Amount Showing Badge

4) Added Default Gateways Preference (3.0+)

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

5) Updated Gateways Spinner to Show Selected Gateways

6) Fixed Halo Bugs

7) Fixed Recurring Profiles List Not Reloading

Version 4.4:

        1) New Halo Notification for Time Tracking! (can be disabled in settings)

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

        2) New Swiping on List Items! (Try it out, Quick Options live underneath list items)

        3) Added Ability to Delete anything

        4) Added Sorting to Recurring Profiles and Taxes

        5) Added Time Tracking Time in Notification

        6) Added Default Sorting to Settings

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

        7) Standardized Sorting

        8) Updated Neadmoney icon everywhere

Version 4.3.2:

1) Added Action bar buttons on list/create/update activities

2) Added Swipe back on update pages

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

3) New Icon

4) Pull to refresh on all lists

5) Speed and memory improvements

6) Create and send Invoices at the same time

7) Recurring profiles

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

8) Other minor bug fixes

Version 4.1:

1) Added the ability to add taxes to expenses.

2) Added setting for Time Entry and Expense list Activities. Now they will only always sync if you want them to.

3) Added next and previous buttons on Invoice and Estimate line items. Now quickly edit all items!

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

4) Bug fixes. There was a bug on update pages that would not allow clearing of fields. This is now resolved.

Version 4.0:

1) Created a new settings page. Please go and update all of your settings!

2) Added settings for require double back press for exiting create activities and sync reminder.

3) Added calendar button to quickly add date to line item descriptions.

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

4) Added quantity display to line items on invoices and estimates.

Version 3.3:

1) Added ability to drag and place landing page icons. Long press on an icon to move it!

2) Added main icon preferences. While on the main page press the menu button and select Icons. Choose what

icons you want to see!

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

3) Totally new UI style. Let us know what you think!

Version 3.2:

1) Added status coloring throughout the entire app!

2) Added statuses to the top of Invoices, Expenses, and Estimates

3) Added Enter Payment button to the bottom of Invoices

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

4) All spinners should have centered text now

5) Postal Codes now allow for all alphanumeric characters

Version 3.1.1:

1) Fixed odd spinner bug

2) Fixed copy from previous estimate using wrong client

【免費財經App】NeadMoney Trial for Freshbooks-APP點子

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