Nearby Mosque Finder

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Nearby Mosque (Masjid) Finder Free App

Now you can Find your nearest Mosques on the way with this app and find the path to go there by 2 means (by Car and by Walk). Very Simple and useful app for all Muslim, student, businessman, fieldworker and traveller should have this app with them to find nearby mosques when they are on unknown places. Application show the current location of app user and you can see the direction to the mosque where you want to go. User can set the radius from 2 to 10 Km according to his/her desired area. This app shows ONLY the tagged mosques on Google Maps.


- Find Nearby Mosques (2km - 10km) Customizable

- Get Direction from Current Location to Desired Mosque on Google Map

- List of Nearby Mosques

【免費生活App】Nearby Mosque Finder-APP點子

- All Mosque on Map to easily selection of Mosque

- Show Detail about the mosque (Name, Address, Distance, Duration, Longitude, Latitude, Phone )

- Direction of Mosque by 2 means (Walking and Driving)

- 2 types of Maps (Normal view and Satellite/Hybrid Map view)

- Fast, Simple and easy way to find nearby Mosques

- Stylish and Beautiful Graphical User Interface

【免費生活App】Nearby Mosque Finder-APP點子

- Free of cost with Advertisement

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【免費生活App】Nearby Mosque Finder-APP點子

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【免費生活App】Nearby Mosque Finder-APP點子

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