NeoHead - Best clinical ultrasound tool available for Neonatologists to perform cranial Ultrasound in babies.

The purpose of this application is to support and help Neonatologists, Post graduates and Fellows to perform


cranial ultrasound at bedside. This mobile app will deliver the important information you need to perform cranial ultrasound and this is a readily available guide in your pocket. This app takes you through the basic information from usage of different probes, Image Orientation, how to use the machine and the function of the knobs, basic anatomy of the brain and its orientation while performing


scans and different view windows with basic pathologies.

Special Features of the Application:

Anatomical Orientation: Image illustration to help identify and clarify sonographic anatomy.

Probes / Transducers: knowledge on selection of probes and importance of probe marker.

Image Orientation: Right- left/ AP orientation of the image.

Know Your Machine: Function of knobs.

View Window: Aimed at familiarizing Neonatologists with basic Neurosonographic views such as coronal Plane (with six basic standard views at this plane), Sagittal plane (with three standard views at this plane) and other supplementary view windows including Posterior Fontanelle and Mastoid window.

Pathologies: This section gives you images on different grades of IVH and PVL.

(Each section above are provided with Descriptions)

Post Your Images: In this section anyone can post interesting images with details, which will be acknowledged.

Image of the week: Interesting images received will be displayed in this section.

This app will act as a ready reference tool for fellows and post graduates.

The content of the app will continue to be updated as medical advances are made and new technologies evolve in ultrasound. This is a must to have app on your mobiles for any Neonatologists, post graduates, fellows wanting to perform bedside cranial ultrasound in babies and familiarize themselves.

Future Updates:

Doppler Imaging – Including Pulse wave, continuous wave & color Doppler.

Pathologies – Hydrocephalus, Congenital anomalies of brain, HIE etc.

Normal variants of brain anatomy

Ventricular Measurements

Video and Image library

Disclaimer: This application has been designed to help health care providers improve their ultrasound knowledge and skills and is not intended to be a substitute for formal training in clinical ultrasound or hands-on experience. This app is not intended for use by non medical personnel. In no circumstances shall the authors or any other party involved in the preparation, development, or publication of this app, be held liable for any decision or action arising from the use of this product. Utmost care has been taken regarding the details presented in this application, however the, NeoHead


app and the developing team are not responsible for errors or omissions or for consequences from the application of information provided in this application and make no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to currency, completeness or accuracy of its contents. This application is a general guide to Neonatologists and should never be a substitute for the skill, knowledge and experience of a qualified medical professional dealing with the respective specialty.By using this app, you are agreeing to be bound by the aforementioned terms and agreements.


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