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NetClient CS®

On-the-go access to your online accounting and payroll services.

NetClient CS offers convenient, on-the-go access to online accounting and payroll services via your mobile device. With this app, you’ll have access to the following NetClient CS portal features:

• My Account—manage all of your account details

• Document Presentation—access your key documents

【免費商業App】NetClient CS-APP點子

• Messages / Notifications—read important messages and receive notifications for account activity

• My Invoices—access to all of your invoices

• Account Aggregation—pull account information from multiple sources into one 
easy-to-access spot

• Stock Quotes—get quick access to an online stock ticker that’s continually updated

• News and Links—access industry-related articles, news, and links

【免費商業App】NetClient CS-APP點子

• Time Entry—enter and complete your time for the current pay period

• Time History—view a history of the time entered for prior pay periods

• Check Stub—view and print copies of your paychecks

• Earnings—get access to up-to-the minute copies of earnings reports

• Leave Balances—view your current leave balances on the fly

【免費商業App】NetClient CS-APP點子

• W-2s and W-4s—view and edit your W-4 information at any time

【免費商業App】NetClient CS-APP點子

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