With Neuralyser you can try to erase your friends' memories with ease. Thanks to modern alien technology you now can use the buils inflash of you iPhone 4/4s or the screen of you iPhone to make people forget what (possibly silly thing) you just said.At parties, when flirting or in everyday life - Neuralyzer gives you the opportunity to react on (miscarried) comments in charming and sophisticated manner. In other words: When your first attempt in getting to know someone doesn't work out as you hoped it would, Neuralyzer gives you a second chance.Don't forget to wear sunglasses.Features:- Compatibility with iOS5 - Uses the build in flash of your iPhone 4/4s- choose between different colors for the on-screen-flash- film-like memory erasing- helps in all kinds of situations- fits your black suit- it's for free



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