Newborn Baby Day Care

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One fine morning, when everything was good and bright, angela heard her baby girl crying, and she ran to her room to see what was wrong, she felt that her newborn baby girl was ill, she had fever and needed some medical help.

That is when Angela decided to rush to the hospital and get her newborn baby girl examined by the doctor. That god they reached the hospital in time, and doctor andrew was there to check the newborn baby girl, he had to take some medical tests before he could say what was wrong with the newborn girl.

When they took her temperature, it was nearly 90 degrees, which means that the newborn baby girl was ill, she has extreme temperature, and for that the doctor gave her an injection that was much needed.

Today a similar case has happened and doctor andrew is on a leave, a newborn baby girl is sick and we have to take the responsibility of the doctor and take care of the newborn baby girl. We have to do the following to help the newborn baby.


* take temperature and note it in the data sheet.

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

* take a few blood samples and send to the lab.

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

* check the pulse rate of the newborn and note it down.

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

* give the newborn a syrup so she can feel better.

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

* Wipe the sweat from her forehead and keep her warm.

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

* Make sure the newborn is well feeded, give her food.

After we are done with these things we will write a prescription for the newborn and suggest some medications so that the newborn can get better and have a happy life with her family.

comeon doctors, do your job well and make us all proud.

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

Best of Luck!

【免費家庭片App】Newborn Baby Day Care-APP點子

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