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【免費生活App】Nexho Demo-APP點子

NEXHO® DEMO is an application that SIMULATES the function of a real NEXHO installation.

NEXHO® DEMO enables you to enjoy the experience of managing a NEXHO system through your smartphone: its intuitive operation, its wide range of functionalities...

Explore the different menus, which allow you to control HVAC systems, lightning, window blinds, electrical devices or appliances, water detectors, fire or intrusion alarms...

If you are considering buying a NEXHO system for your home, download NEXHO® DEMO and you will state that NEXHO products are the best option on the market.

Please note that NEXHO® DEMO is not suitable for managing the real installation of your home. To ensure the correct operation of the NEXHO system, both the suitable equipments of the NEXHO range and the NEXHO software application (which is also available in this software store) are required.

For more information about operation and configuration, the available product range, or where and how to buy NEXHO® products, please visit our website:

【免費生活App】Nexho Demo-APP點子

【免費生活App】Nexho Demo-APP點子

【免費生活App】Nexho Demo-APP點子

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