Nexus Camera Launcher

【免費工具App】Nexus Camera Launcher-APP點子

UNIVERSAL Nexus Camera Launcher - works on ALL Jelly Bean ROMs, no ads!

Clean and tidy, made with Jelly Bean code and translated into over 40 languages, this will work when others do not - no permissions required!

【免費工具App】Nexus Camera Launcher-APP點子

This app will launch your built-in camera function, and will not leave "phantom" apps in your recent history or cause other problems like other launchers.

Extra features like HDR and 720p video recording are available IF SUPPORTED BY YOUR ROM.

【免費工具App】Nexus Camera Launcher-APP點子

WARNING: this app can unlock features like Panorama that MAY NOT WORK ON YOUR DEVICE.

Let me know what your device is and if it works on your ROM!

Google Nexus 7 Camera Launcher

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