NiLS Theme - iAndroid

【免費個人化App】NiLS Theme - iAndroid-APP點子

This is a theme package for NiLS version 1.5 and above or NiLS Floating Panel.

You must purchase the upgrade in order to use this theme.

If you don't know what NiLS is go to

Please Note - This theme WON'T work on NiLS widget ! only on the notifications floating panel

How to use:

【免費個人化App】NiLS Theme - iAndroid-APP點子

1. Install the latest NiLS version from Google Play.

2. Purchase the upgrade by clicking "Unlock all features" on NiLS app.

3. Install this theme.

【免費個人化App】NiLS Theme - iAndroid-APP點子

4. Go to NiLS App > Notifications Panel and choose this theme from the top dropdown list.

This theme was created by Julien Maille

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