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At Niagara College, Event Management students plan, organize and execute a series of live events during the academic year. The Many Hands Project is a student-driven renovation program executed by students in the Event Management and the Construction Studies programs at Niagara College. Each year, a local non-profit organization is chosen by the Many Hands Committee to receive assistance. Together, the students plan and execute the entire process including; completing the desired renovations, involving the community through volunteer recruitment and raising awareness for the non-profit organization. To help offset these costs, there are many local fundraisers organized by the students. Each year these unique fundraising events directly support the Many Hands Project.

This app is your guide to everything the Niagara College program has to offer, it includes:

- Directions & GPS map to our Events

【免費教育App】Niagara College Event Mgmt-APP點子

- General program information

- Contact Form

【免費教育App】Niagara College Event Mgmt-APP點子

- Image Gallery of past events

- Full listing of all events and key dates

【免費教育App】Niagara College Event Mgmt-APP點子

- Photos sharing

- Social Media integration

【免費教育App】Niagara College Event Mgmt-APP點子

- Submit Photos from our events

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