Night Vision Cam

【免費工具App】Night Vision Cam-APP點子

a night vision camera.

turn your android device into a color night vision device with picture and video camera and zoom.

-real time display

-control brightness

-control gain

-control zoom

-control shuttertime

-supports multi-threading

【免費工具App】Night Vision Cam-APP點子

-supports 4 color modes (green,red,blue and full color)

-auto take picture interval timer

-record video

hold your device very steady.

fast device

with most devices you can also use an ir-illuminator to see at complete darkness or use nightvisioncam to test your ir remote controls.

please mail problems, errors or questions, i cannot answer to comments.

videos and pics will be saved into folder "NightVisionCam" on your Memory Card.

【免費工具App】Night Vision Cam-APP點子

to select video mode, press menu button and select mode.

【免費工具App】Night Vision Cam-APP點子

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