Nightcall allows anyone needing regular assistance to program quickly and easily a specific phone number which can be called by a single tap on a big red button.Many possible use cases :- A disabled person which carer changes every night and he wants to program the number to be accessed very quickly during the night- A senior can program the phone number of a child, sometimes daughter, sometimes son, without having to look in his repertoire.- A child for whom you leave a phone in case of an emergency, with the number of Dad or Mom, accessible with a single tap.- a pregnant woman who wants to be able to call her husband with a single tap. Or maybe her mother if the husband is at work..Nightcall is a simple application but can provide real services beyond the mere application of "favorites".It was born out of a real need: a person assisted by carers day and night should be able to easily select a favorite number to access as soon as possible.The current features:- Choice of a contact number- Brightness settings to keep the device unlocked and to get to the call without delay- Easy access


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