Nine Men's Morris

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CicMic (Nine Men's Morris) is an abstract strategy board game for two players that emerged from the Roman Empire.

Also called Nine Men's Morris,Mills,Muhle Tekergjik,CicMic etc.

Rules of Play

-Each player has nine balls, which move among the board's twenty-four spots.

-The object of the game is to leave the opposing player with fewer than three balls.

【免費娛樂App】Nine Men's Morris-APP點子

Placing the Balls

-The game begins with an empty board. Players take turns placing their balls on empty spots. If a player is able to form a straight row of three balls along one of the board's lines (i.e. not diagonally), he has a "mill" and may remove one of his opponent's balls from the board; removed pieces may not be placed again. Players must remove any other balls first before removing a piece from a formed mill. Once all eighteen balls

have been used, players take turns moving.

When a "mill" happens a message "GREAT" comes to screen.

【免費娛樂App】Nine Men's Morris-APP點子


-In one common variation, once a player is reduced to three balls, his balls may "fly", to any empty spots.


-At the beginning of the game, it is more important to place balls in versatile locations rather than to try to form "mills"


【免費娛樂App】Nine Men's Morris-APP點子


【免費娛樂App】Nine Men's Morris-APP點子

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