Nine Touch

【免費解謎App】Nine Touch-APP點子

This game is a game which touches quickly the number displayed in order.

It competes for the time which 30 touches took.

Numbers are those with 9 number, from one to nine.

The number of the target is displayed by 4 times including the now target number.

Please touch quickly rhythmically.

It is OK even if it performs by one hand, both hands, and which.

The person who touched 30 number for a short period of time is a victory.

This game can expect the effect which raises the following capability.


【免費解謎App】Nine Touch-APP點子


*Cognitive ability

【免費解謎App】Nine Touch-APP點子


*Instantaneous power

【免費解謎App】Nine Touch-APP點子

Please mail, if there are any problems.

Let's try and enjoy game!

【免費解謎App】Nine Touch-APP點子

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