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【免費商業App】Nirint Shipping-APP點子

This application allows users to track our fleet on a map, based on information received via a daily noon report sent by the concerning vessels, all across the globe.

【免費商業App】Nirint Shipping-APP點子

Upon launch the application will try to establish a connection where after our vessels will be shown at one list. After selecting a vessel the applicable data will be loaded and shown in a separate screen. A small map of the vessels’ position will be shown.

【免費商業App】Nirint Shipping-APP點子

Ships located at a port will not show their next port, but will only show their Expected Time of Sailing (ETS) from the current port. In case a ship is located at sea the app will show her next port and Expected Time of Arrival (ETA).

【免費商業App】Nirint Shipping-APP點子

Users can only log in after receiving their login code from Nirint Shipping B.V.

This application depends on ships information. NOTICE: Ship information or accuracy of any information in this app cannot be guaranteed. Service may be disrupted without any notice.

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