Nitelink is a tool to determine the effectiveness of Nitetronic(R) Anti-Snoring Pillow. It records the amount of snoring during the night. The user can de-activate the function of the pillow with a switch. The difference between the amount of snoring in nights with and without activated anti-snoring pillow reflects the effectiveness of Nitetronic(R) Anti-Snoring Pillow.

Nitetronic(R) Anti-Snoring Pillow is the only anti-snoring product where user can actually measure the effectiveness. It is clinically tested and certified as Medical Device in Europe according to the Medical Directive 93/42/EEC.

Tool features:

1) The tool allows to continuously record sleeping data in the background so long as USB is connected to pillow.


2) The recording start time and stop time can be pre-scheduled. During recording, the screen can be turned off in order to save battery.

3) The tool supports to automatically resume data recording when USB connection is resumed from previous unexpected disconnection.


4) The tool supports to do data analysis from raw sleeping data that is recorded for each night sleeping, the generated sleeping data information includes sleeping time, start time, stop time, snoring time, snoring percent... further more, it also contains detail data on snoring level in unit of each 5 seconds.

5) The tool can present all the sleeping records inside one summary page, distinguished by “pillow active” or “pillow not active”.


6) The tool can present detail sleeping information data upon one selected sleeping record, it provides chart to view detail data on snoring level, even by using Zoom in/out.

7) The tool can present sleeping data comparison between two records in one page from perspective of snoring percentage.


8) The tool supports to send out sleeping record data through E-mail attachment, the sent out sleeping data can be further analyzed by PC/Windows Nitetronic(R) software.

9) The software upgrade will reserve old version recorded sleeping data and migrate it into new version data management.

NOTE: Nitelink connectivity requires Android tablet or phone support USB host to access pillow, and OTG line is needed. For Android device used to test sleeping, Android tablet is preferred, while if Android phone is used, require minimal 4.7 inch screen size, and recommend Nexus 5, Galaxy S4/S5/S6... Please be noted that some Android phones may not open permission to support USB CDC type connection unless Android system is ROOTED.


If needs to use Nitelink integration with S Health, recommend to use Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge.

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