No Hero - Renaissance

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« No Hero - Renaissance »

Addictive game that combines elements of classic 2D platform games like Prince of Persia, Flashback, SuperMetroid and current indie games like Limbo, Braid, Rogue Legacy.

With challenging puzzles and deadly traps introducing several obstacles.

Escape, run, jump and survive this unexpected adventure.

Conquer your freedom, solve the enigmas and find the tips of the past.

The target of this misfortune is a young school boy, it could been anyone at some point in life. Our anonymous, named No Hero, has your daily life interrupted and, without apparent explanation, awakens in the bottom of an abyss: an abstract and hostile environment. Lost, afraid, and without help from anyone, the young man begins his journey searching for answers.

Do not think that the road to redemption will be a walk in the woods!

Many mysteries and traps will arise at every step of your journey.



【免費街機App】No Hero - Renaissance-APP點子

Start your journey with many challenges and various tips about its origin and world events.


With infinite gameplay, the platforms are distributed randomly so every play is a new game and the constant challenge to escape the lava. The goal is simple, survive going the highest and as quickly as you can. Also, challenge your friends and show your skills.



✔ Two game modes

✔ Dispute with your friends and win your points of Liberty.

✔ Unlock the achievements and find the hidden EasterEggs.

✔ Gather the books and discover your past.

✔ Escapes from the various traps.

【免費街機App】No Hero - Renaissance-APP點子


Release the Achievements and discover EastersEggs if you can. ;)



Baixaki ★★★★



★★★★ "Controls seem pretty stiff Fun game. Platforming reminds me of the old prince of Persia. However the controls are stiff on the Galaxy Nexus. There seems to be a slight lag when moving my character."

★★★★★ "Amazing! Amazing game, fun and exciting! Also, it has good sounds effects"

【免費街機App】No Hero - Renaissance-APP點子


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【免費街機App】No Hero - Renaissance-APP點子


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【免費街機App】No Hero - Renaissance-APP點子


adventure, rebirth, renaissance, freedom, hell, achievements, platform challenges, roguelike, action, puzzles, traps.

【免費街機App】No Hero - Renaissance-APP點子

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