Normal Distribution Calculator

【免費教育App】Normal Distribution Calculator-APP點子

This app allows you to easily make computations over gaussian variables.

You can :

【免費教育App】Normal Distribution Calculator-APP點子

* choose the mean and the standard deviation.

【免費教育App】Normal Distribution Calculator-APP點子

* compute the following probabilities P(X < a), P(X > a) et P(a < X < b)

【免費教育App】Normal Distribution Calculator-APP點子

* find a such that for a given p you get P(X < a) = p or P(-a < X < a) = p

This app has just been released, and will be extended soon. If you find any mistake, bug, or have any suggestion, please contact me and I will consider your messages with the greatest attention.

NB : This app is ad-less certified, it will show no notification, nor ask any stupid right (for instance using the camera, turn the wifi on or send text messages).

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