Normality Calculator

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Use this calculator for preparing a solution of solid solute. To use the calculator , first enter the formula of the solute. Then enter any of the three of the four parameters, namely:

【免費教育App】Normality Calculator-APP點子

N=Normality of the Solution ;

【免費教育App】Normality Calculator-APP點子

Wsolute = Weight of the Solute ;

【免費教育App】Normality Calculator-APP點子

V = Volume of the solution;

【免費教育App】Normality Calculator-APP點子

n = Equivalence Factor (basicity of an acid or acidity of a base or number electron transfer in a reaction)

Description :

Normality of a solution is defined as the number of gram equivalent of a solute present per liter of a solution. The gram equivalent is the ratio of molecular weight and equivalence factor. This equivalence factor can be thought as the number of replaceable H+ ions in a molecule of an acidic solute or the number of replaceable OH- ions present in a molecule of a basic solute. Thus equivalence factor of NaOH is 1 and 2 for H2SO4. In the case of redox reactions this equivalence factor is the number of electron taken or given out of that compound in a redox reaction.

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