Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

Manage lots of notes and lists easily. Flexible outliner. A better notepad. For quick checklists. Great for long notes. Makes taking notes easier.

Writing a long note in a notepad made easier by having a note segmented.

** IMPT ** Do a BACKUP before updating app


【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

- group notes by labels

- sidebar for labels

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

- note type of NOTE or TODO

- for TODO type, tap on the checkbox at the top to view all items including checked items

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

- create shortcuts to notes and labels to the homepage. Long tap on the note or label in the Labels dialog and select 'Create Shortcut'.

- export note to a simple text file (.txt) or with markup (.m.txt)

- import note from a simple text file (.txt) or with markup (.m.txt)

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

- markup text file keeps the structure of the original note

- share the note

- full screen mode when viewing note

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

- expand/collapse sections of the note

Quick start:

1. Click on 'New Note' on the top right hand corner to create a new note

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

2. Input note and click 'SAVE' or hardkey 'BACK' to save note

3. Input title (optional) and click hardkey 'BACK'.

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

4. That's it. you have created a note.

5. Long click on note for more entries


【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

1. Click on note to edit note

2. Click on 'Add Seg' to add a new entry/segment to the note. Each segment is like a paragraph

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

3. Input note and click 'SAVE' or 'DISCARD' changes

4. Click on 'no label' to change label for the note.

【免費商業App】Note Stacks: Notepad Notebook-APP點子

5. Long click on entries for more options

How to use:

- Click 'New Note' or 'New Seg' to add a new note or new segment

- Keep each segment short to avoid scrolling while editing

- Long press segment to organise: insert, cut/copy and paste

How is this note app different:

- a note consists of segments/entries

- reorganise segments by insert, cut/copy and paste

- each segment has a title and note area

Please email suggestions and bugs to gwofoundry@gmail com

This app is ad-supported. Search for 'Note Stacks Pro' for ad-free version or for publisher gwofoundry.

Tags: notepad, notes taking, memo, todo list, note book, outline, ideas, checklist, notes, notepad for taking notes

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