NotiSIM will send an SMS message to a number of your preference when it detects that your SIM card has changed. That way you can easily get the phone number of the newly inserted SIM card, in case your phone is stolen.

The application supports white-listing any number of SIM cards, so 2 or more people using the same phone with different SIM cards will not have any problem using it.

Note that the application runs ONLY on boot for detecting SIM changes and thus it does not run constantly, draining your battery.

When a new SIM is inserted into your phone by "the thief", NotiSIM takes these steps:

1) Sends an SMS message to a number of your preference. It tries again and again 2 times per minute till ensuring that the message is successfully sent (not delivered, just sent).

2) Hides the application icon from the application list - You wouldn't like "the thief" knowing that such an application is installed.


3) Completely changes the interface of the application - Even if, for some weird reason, the application is found and launched by "the thief", a completely different interface is shown, hiding the original application functionality.

Steps 2 and 3 are taken even if no SIM is inserted, in case "the thief" decides to start the phone without any SIM inserted. If "the thief" decides to start the phone with the SIM inserted, then all steps are being taken.

When a whitelisted SIM card is back inserted, NotiSIM brings back the application icon to the application list and can be reconfigured.

If you want to whitelist more than 1 SIM card, NotiSIM provides you with 2 ways of doing it:

1) "Whitelist Next SIM": NotiSIM will whitelist the next SIM card that you will insert, after rebooting your phone (with this "other SIM card" inserted). In order to do this, turn off your phone, insert the "other SIM card" and turn on your phone.

2) "Whitelist a SIM": NotiSIM will ask you for your SIM's ICCID, which is a 19-20 digit number, usually printed on the body of the SIM card and then it will whitelist it.

Notice that you don't need to take any further steps in order to whitelist your first SIM card. You only need to hit the "OK" button.

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