Noticon Flag: Myanmar

【免費個人化App】Noticon Flag: Myanmar-APP點子

★★★★★"Noticon Flag: Myanmar is Beautiful Good application." - Zayyar Samsung Galaxy Note 2

★★★★★"I like this app because I am Myanmar." - Wai Sonly Xperia Z Ultra

★ ★ ★★★"Love this app. Like and recept" - Than LG Optimus L5

Noticon (no•ti•con)

【免費個人化App】Noticon Flag: Myanmar-APP點子

1. a formal notifying or informing icon, located on a devices notification bar

2. an act or instance of notifying, making known, or giving notice through the use of an icon.

3. a graphic noticon icon, announcing, warning or reminding.

4. introduced by enlightenedapps.

Noticon Flags: Myanmar App is Easy to use, with the press of a single button your phone will always have your Myanmar Country Flag noticon displaying your countires flag on the top of your phone in its notification bar.

【免費個人化App】Noticon Flag: Myanmar-APP點子

Feel patriotic, remember your country when you're offshore or missing home and be reminded of your beloved country everytime you you look at your Android mobile or tablet; which ofcourse is more then any other activity in your day.

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免費玩Noticon Flag: Myanmar APP玩免費

免費玩Noticon Flag: Myanmar App

Noticon Flag: Myanmar APP LOGO

Noticon Flag: Myanmar LOGO-APP點子

Noticon Flag: Myanmar APP QRCode

Noticon Flag: Myanmar QRCode-APP點子
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