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"Nourishing Adventures" is a directory of healthy cafes and stores located in Melbourne, Geelong/Surf Coast, and across Victoria, Australia. "Nourishing Adventures" will guide you to outlets which offer healthy eating options across Melbourne for people suffering food intolerances or have specific dietary needs. This includes people living the Paleo, Vegetarian or Vegan lifestyle. Simply search a suburb or your dietary requirements and our app will filter eateries to suit your specific needs.The information which we have collected has been retrieved directly from menus, webpages and/or direct consultation - please be sure to speak to cafe staff if you have any specific needs.We want to share our love for food, and to encourage and support our fellow Victorians on their adventure to living a nourished life!Food Options include:- Wholefoods- Paleo- Organic- Raw- Vegan- Vegetarian- Fair Trade- Dairy, Gluten, Fructose, FODMAPS, Sesame and Soy free/friendlyKEY FEATURES- Use the keyword search functionality to filter results based on location, eating options, cafe name, opening hours, etc.- Each cafe's location/address is presented in a Google Map frame, allowing you to open the location in your device's Google Maps application.- Cafes are listed in alphabetical order by Name and Suburb.- Simply save your favorite cafes and access these in the Favorites section. (Please note, these Favorites are stored locally on your device and will be lost if you delete this apps data).OUR STORYHaving several lifelong food intolerances, it has always been difficult for us to dine out. With food intolerances becoming more prevalent and society becoming more and more welcoming of people's choices in what they put into their body, healthy eateries and stores have started popping up everywhere!Quite often we have been out in an area we don't usually visit, looking for somewhere to eat. This is when we decided we needed to collect as much information about eateries and stores in Victoria to ensure wherever we were, we would have a directory of places to enjoy! This is how "Nourishing Adventures" began. All eateries and stores listed have dine in or fresh "ready made" food. Some outlets listed will also have groceries or stock other products.We love to share our discoveries and let others follow our adventure, and we'd certainly love to come along on your adventures too! Keep us updated by tagging us on social media pages and please email with any feedback or suggestions.Thank you for your support, and let your Nourishing Adventures begin! xxCONTACT General questions or recommendations please contact us on have your eatery listed, altered or advertised as a feature, please contact us at is not a dietary food guide and we do not offer any nutritional or health information or advice. Please note: Food options are available either on menu or on request, please ask a staff member when ordering for more details. If you suffer from allergies please consult the staff as these recommendations do not confirm cafes have a 100% allergy free food environment. Dining at these food stores is up to your own discretion and Nourishing Adventures take no responsibility for individual food requirements and/or reactions.Cafe and Shop details were current at the time of publishing, please note these may change. Please contact us and share any changes you have noticed that have not been updated to enable us to keep our databases current. Thank you for your support.This app was created using Ionic Framework (, AngularJS, UnderscoreJS. All outlet information is stored locally & offline (within the app), including your Favourites.

【免費健康App】Nourishing Adventures | Melbourne Food Guide-APP點子

【免費健康App】Nourishing Adventures | Melbourne Food Guide-APP點子

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