Number Farm

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

Number Farm is a great application for kids from the youngest to learn, in order to improve their memory, observation, concentration, and motor skills.

It is really easy to play, and fun!

The game has a very intuitive and very easy to use interface using text, images, and Colors.

*Optimize for phones and tablets.

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

*Cute animals images.

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

*Random order every time.

It is an awesome way to learn!

With Number Farm, They can learn numbers from 1 to 10, with two activities:

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

- In the first one there are all ten numbers in order, by touching them, a voice will tell what number it is.

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

- In the second one, there are some farm animals and kids just have to touch them one at a time to reveal what number it is.

Once kids are ready to practice, there are 3 mini games:

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

- The first one they have to count and find the good number.

【免費教育App】Number Farm-APP點子

- The second one, all the numbers are shown but not in order. The goal is to find the right order.

- The third game is a memory game.

The Goal for each game is to learn and re-create the good order for the number, and in the best time possible, in order to get the best score.

Android version 2.2 or later is required.

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