Number Hide and Seek

【免費教育App】Number Hide and Seek-APP點子

**All the numbers are playing hide and seek in this story! **

Are you ready to find them with Touchybooks?

1,2 ,3 lets go all the way until we reach number ten! Enjoy a fun review of the first ten numbers, but you’ll have to look carefully because they’re all hidden in the exciting illustrations. Number one has a very well groomed fringe, number two can swim in a river and number three can climb trees. Your littlest readers will have to find them all in Number Hide and Seek!

This colorful mix of interactive numbers, objects and places is aimed at the younger members of the household to help them become familiar with numbers and counting. With TouchyBooks discovering numbers is educational and fun!

This rhyming story guides children aged three and up through the interactive elements on each page and numbers are everywhere. With original sound effects and interactive game play children will enjoy finding these mischievous numbers while getting an early grasp of numerical skills.

Additional Features

• Interactive surprises guaranteed!

【免費教育App】Number Hide and Seek-APP點子

•12 pages of color graphics.

• Rhyming text.

【免費教育App】Number Hide and Seek-APP點子

• Fun sound effects!

• Original Music.

【免費教育App】Number Hide and Seek-APP點子

• Option 'To read it myself' or 'read it to me."

• For readers aged 3+

【免費教育App】Number Hide and Seek-APP點子

免費玩Number Hide and Seek APP玩免費

免費玩Number Hide and Seek App

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