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Augmented numerology is a global reform of Traditional Western Latin Numerology.

Its name derives from a fundamental discovery on the symbolism of numbers and letters.

It is modern numerology and has totally been renewed.

It is a high standard social science that removed the mystique surrounding the origin of:

• Heart intelligence and its five families

• Superior intelligence and its six sub-families

• The origin of Western Latin traditional numerology*

【免費生活App】Number Mind-APP點子

In this application: the analysis of your:

• 9 areas

• Energies

• Additional information

• Tendencies (day, month, year)

• Trans-profile constructions (tablets)

• Cross-analysis of the following 4 areas: (only the areas)

1 - Family - Work

【免費生活App】Number Mind-APP點子

2 - Personal projects - Movement

3 - Harmony - Relationships

4 - Altruism - Foreign countries

The Numerology reading analyses the background of your profile, the cross-analysis looks at the form.

But also the opportunity, even if your profiles were created in your language, to:

• Save

• Read in five languages

• Send and print in five languages

【免費生活App】Number Mind-APP點子

*No algorithm, only historical facts.

Optimized algorithm (approximate impact: 1 profile / 10)

【免費生活App】Number Mind-APP點子

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