Numero Predicta (Free)

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

After huge public demand, we are presenting a FREE version of the popular Numero Predicta application.

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

Though with limited features than the Full version, you can feel free to TRY before you BUY.

A Numerology software that offers solutions to tackle some of the daily problems of a layman. It's a ready to use, user friendly software for every person and knowledge of Numerology is not at all required.

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

Just key in your name, date of birth and use the features given below, to get answers to your day to day problems -

1) Lucky Details - Get details about the lucky factors for you, like lucky number, dates, days, month and a lot more.

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

2) Attraction Digit - Get your Attraction Digit calculated and printed (as shown in the application) and keep with you to attract the positive forces, cooperative people for success in a particular venture or task or target.

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

3) Repulsion Digit - Get your Repulsion Digit calculated and printed (as shown in application) and keep with you to prevent the negative forces and obstructive elements from stalling your progress.

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

4) Lost and Found - Only available in Paid version.

【免費工具App】Numero Predicta (Free)-APP點子

5) Harmony Digit - Only available in Paid version.

6) Cooperation Digit - Only available in Paid version.

Respond back with any feedback / concerns on the email address provided below, rather than posting negative comments on Google Play, as I would like to get constructive feedback and help benefit all, rather than cause everyone to miss out on this wonderful opportunity by just reading negative comments.

Disclaimer - Though I have shared my creative knowledge and experiences with you through this app, we do not make any warranties either expressed / implied. Use of the application is solely, at your discretion and we do not own any responsibility for any decision taken / its consequences based on this application.

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