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The Online Bible College’s new App of Christian videos brings inspiring Bible teaching from anointed leaders. It is part of the teaching program of the Online Bible College which has 50,000 students from 160 countries. OBC’s curriculum has 30 free courses supported by donations. OBC is an inter-denominational college fully on the internet and students from all different denominations and groups are welcome.

【免費教育App】OBC Christian Videos-APP點子

In this video App, David Collins (1962-2006), the Founder of OBC, ministers on subjects like "Walking with God". Paul and Bunty Collins, OBC’s Presidential Team, minister a variety of life-changing truths from the Word of God, including 5-minute seminars on many subjects. Timm and BJ Emmons, USA Directors for OBC, minister “From the Father’s House” bringing directions from the Scriptures for the life of victory for the believer today.

【免費教育App】OBC Christian Videos-APP點子

OBC has many Special Features such as Cartoon Gospel messages freely downloadable on mobile phones, Facebook etc, for evangelism; “The King’s Table”, several series of one-page studies, easy to learn and easy to teach; “School of the Shepherds”, 30 lessons on what makes a true shepherd of God’s people and “Mercy Directive” reporting on the ministry to the hungry and needy.

Note: Users need to run version 4.2.16 of the mobile YouTube app (or higher) to use this app.

【免費教育App】OBC Christian Videos-APP點子

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