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עכשיו במחירי מבצע בישראל

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English text. Hebrew version also available!

Take your Tehillim \ Psalms \ תהילים with you.

Read by chapter, by day of the week or by day of month.

Read Psalm 119 (composed according to the Hebrew alphabet, eight verses for each letter. It is customary to recite the verses that comprise the letters of the person's Hebrew name when praying for him or her).


- Change font, color and font size

【免費書籍App】OKtm Psalms-APP點子

- Remove vowels

- English and Hebrew menus

- Bookmarks

- Send chapter to email

- Toggle Full screen

- Context menu (long press text).

【免費書籍App】OKtm Psalms-APP點子

and more.

Keywords: Torah, bible, pray, Tehilim, Jew, Israel, תהילים

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