Offline Bluetooth App Sender

【免費生產應用App】Offline Bluetooth App Sender-APP點子

Bluetooth App Sender Share is Great Application, in this you can share your installed application via Bluetooth . if you click on List item then Apk file will be created in sd card in a folder and you can use that also as backup of apk file.

【免費生產應用App】Offline Bluetooth App Sender-APP點子

you can click on share button to share on bluetooth then one click send app via Bluetooth.

【免費生產應用App】Offline Bluetooth App Sender-APP點子

Bluetooth Application sender & sharer is great app to share your applcation offline to your friends.

【免費生產應用App】Offline Bluetooth App Sender-APP點子

the main feature of this applications are this is free of cost, very simple design and easy to use.

【免費生產應用App】Offline Bluetooth App Sender-APP點子

this is mainly use for our application with your friends, this will not share link of the application this will directly share application with your friends, keep enjoy it. thanks

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