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Can't read web sites cause you're offline?

With this app you can read all your favorite web sites without internet connection. Just type in the pages you want to read and Offline Pages can cache all your pages and all links. From now on hundreds of pages are offline available to you and you can read them while you are on train and airplane. Use your time even if you are offline!!! You don't need huge mobile internet traffic any more so you can save money.

It's very easy to save many web sites at once to the memory card while you have Wi-Fi Connection or mobile network. For Example you can choose a web site to download and also download all links which contains a significant word on that page. You can download all web pages on one server. You can choose the links yourself to download. If you don't have enough time to finish downloading you can stop the download or suspend it for later continue.

【免費通訊App】Offline Pages Full-APP點子

This app is saving time and money.

Main features:

- Offline Browsing: look at web sites as you would be online.

【免費通訊App】Offline Pages Full-APP點子

- Save multiple web pages with one Click to your memory card

- save your favorite web sites, E-books, study materials, wikipedia pages and everything else you can browse

- saving every web page with pictures, files, pdfs, and formattingand so you have full browsing after you lost connection

【免費通訊App】Offline Pages Full-APP點子

- Web Crawler: Just type in an URL and up to your chosen maximum amount of downloaded sites will be saved

- suspend downloading and continue later

- Showing downloading process, amount of downloaded web pages and the total file size

【免費通訊App】Offline Pages Full-APP點子

- List the servers you chose to save and also every single web site saved

- web pages are saved with a very small File size on your memory card => enough space for several hundreds of pages.

This price is only an offer for the next weeks. The price will increase soon.

【免費通訊App】Offline Pages Full-APP點子

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【免費通訊App】Offline Pages Full-APP點子

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