Oishii Lunch

【免費生活App】Oishii Lunch-APP點子

Oishii Lunch – Japanese food delivered direct to your desk.

Every one enjoys a bit of variety when it comes to their lunch and sometimes your local shop or café just doesn’t hit the spot. The queues, the weather and lack of choice can quite simply make lunch times very uninviting. Apart from the weather, Oishii can change all of that by offering you an exciting and vibrant menu of delicious Japanese food and we will deliver to your desk for free!

Order early though as we only have a limited stock every day!


【免費生活App】Oishii Lunch-APP點子

- Create an account to make it even quicker to order your lunch

- A real-time counter on each menu item showing exactly how many items we have left

【免費生活App】Oishii Lunch-APP點子

- Take advantage of offers and save money

- Delivered to your desk for free, so why waste time queuing?

【免費生活App】Oishii Lunch-APP點子

- Store your card details for even more convenience

【免費生活App】Oishii Lunch-APP點子

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